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Holguín Lyric Theater Marked its 80th Anniversary

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Cuple T.Suñol 01The Lyrical Theater Rodrigo Prats celebrated the anniversary of the "Suñol". Photos: Carlos Rafael
With the same majesty and comfort that characterized the Eddy Suñol Theater in its foundation in 1939, this important cultural institution of Holguín marked its 80th anniversary, on June 2, with the performance of local artists.
For the first time it was granted the distinction Teatro Eddy Suñol to natural and legal persons and Cuban and foreign institutions that have contributed to the enrichment of the cultural heritage, conferred by the theater itself and by the Provincial Council of Performing Arts (CPAE).
Cuple T.Suñol 02The highest political and governmental authorities of the province, deliver the Distinction to Roger Rodriguez, director of the Theater.
The Lyric Theater and its founders, the soprano María Luisa Clark, the baritone Martín Arranz, the costume designer Sergio Ochoa, as well as the stagehands Hipólito Velázquez and Herenio Pérez were awarded in the ceremony.
The award consists of a piece carved in acrylic that reproduces the Art Deco architectural style of the building and a diploma. It was also delivered to renowned artist Cosme Proenza, the historian Ángela Peña Obregón, the director of the Cultural Communication Center Luisa González and Alexis Triana, cultural promoter in Holguín.
Various institutions of the territory praised the work of the Theater "Eddy Suñol" in its eight decades, including the Provincial Union of Culture and the Marketing Company of Music and Spectacles.
Cuple T.Suñol 03Dancers from the city of Camagüey performed the pas de deux, from the "Nutcracker"
The cultural gala had the participation of The Ballet of Camagüey which played the pas de deux, the "Nutcracker". Its director, Regina Balaguer, also granted recognition to "Suñol".
Twice the audience also enjoyed the presentation of the Compañía Lírica Infantil Voces de Ángeles, who performed masterfully "O sole mío" and "O mio babbino caro ", respectively.
Cuple T.Suñol 04The Codanza Company joined the tribute of this prestigious institution.
The gala, where music and dance prevailed, also featured the performances of the Lyric Theater of Holguín, the Codanza Company, the soloists Nadiel Mejías, Nolbero Leyva, Lucrecia Marín, the tenor Yuri Hernández, the pianist César Daniel Pérez and the Holguín Chamber Orchestra.
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