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President Díaz-Canel Concludes Visit to Holguín

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diaz canel conclusiones 1Photos: Juan Pablo Carreras
The economic and social results of Holguín were discussed today in the conclusions of the government visit headed by Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, president of the Councils of State and Ministers.
Antonio Luis Carricare, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment said that Holguín is the first exporter of goods in Cuba, so its potential should be exploited.

About the confrontation to the illegalities, the Cuban president insisted on the citizen participation to eradicate these phenomena, the predominance of the ethics and indicated to complete all the investigative and judicial processes related to the fuel subtraction, as well as to recover the fuel or the ill-gotten money obtained through the crimes committed.

The Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor's Office informed the measures that are adopted to eliminate these problems.

Regarding the housing plan, it was reported that in order to move forward in this sense, the delays should be recovered while increasing local production of construction materials.

The need to increase the basic cells of homes and strengthen the 39 mini-industries for the production of materials, which includes concrete mixers, molds for joists, tanks, mills and arms for receiving floor tiles, was also highlighted in the meeting.

René Mesa Villafaña, Minister of Construction, assessed in detail the delays in the construction of tourism hotels and reported that the supply issue is resolved, while there is a need to increase progress in the so-called work dead.
Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero, Minister of Agriculture, evaluated the pertinence of including, by 2020, the irrigation system of the productive pole of Limoncito.
Holguín is an agricultural province seriously affected by the drought, so we must solve the situation of water supply to agriculture in order to increase production.

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Inés María Chapman, vice president of the State Council, said that the gigantic investment of the East West water Transfer must yield the expected results in terms of agricultural production.

She called to concentrate investments in six areas with better conditions for irrigation, especially those located in the east region or those that will be benefited by the Santa Clara –tres palmas-Arroyo Seco system, which would cover two thousand hectares in one of the most productive areas of the province.

It is expected to reach 67 thousand hectares under irrigation in the province distributed in six productive areas when all investments are completed.

The Ministry of Agriculture aimed to recover cattle grazing in the municipality of Calixto García and the agricultural area of Estrada, in Urbano Noris, as a way to increase the delivery of livestock to the Industries.

Iris Quinones, Minister of the Food and Fisheries Industry, referred to the importance of achieving a greater coverage of flour in the eastern territories so that the population is not affected.

Holguín has one of the most complex situations in the production of fingerlings and in the fishing industry, which must be analyzed and take the appropriate measures to transform it.

She recognized the linkage of the industries with the study of the specialties and the training of the technologists for the food industry.

Díaz -Canel was interested in the work of the food industries in the province, especially the noodle and spagetti factories and the operation of the Antilla mill.

The need for the production of viands, vegetables and grains taking advantage of all the potentialities of the territory was also highlighted in the meeting.

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