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Holguín: Promote the collection of bottles for sodium hypochlorite and MNT

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jarabe 4780Sodium hypochlorite and Natural and Traditional Medicine (MNT) products, which are so well received and frequently used by Holguineros, require, in addition to the raw material from which they are made, bottles for their packaging. It is precisely this last one that is currently the main cause that attempts against the permanence of these products in the network of pharmacies of the province of Holguín.
In order to recover them, it is necessary the collaboration of the population and according to Rafael Antonio Escobar Concepción, specialist in Communication and Marketing of the Provincial Company of Pharmacies and Opticians: in view of the lack of availability of bottles, the population of the territory is urged to deliver containers of any size, whether plastic or glass and those that are sold in the network of Currency Collection Stores, which can be delivered to the pharmacy units or opticians, since all of them have a deposit for this purpose.
Although MNT products are traditionally packaged in three types of amber bottles: 30, 60 and 120 milliliters, at this time they will receive all types of bottles and various measures to achieve an increase in production of the 60 lines of MNT conceived for this year.
The Master of Science also explained that once they are delivered, they are classified, then a process of sanitization and sterilization begins in the different production centers to move to the finished production container.
At this time of the year when frequent drizzles increase, so do acute diarrheal diseases, aedes aegypti mosquito foci and, in a general sense, the hygienic-epidemiological situation becomes more complex, before which the use of sodium hypochlorite to chlorinate water and other domestic tasks will result in more security for family health.
Providing bottles represents a collective benefit because in times of industrial drug crisis, MNT can contribute to health. It should be remembered that the MNT has a preventive purpose and its use prevents the emergence of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus.
By increasing the collection of bottles in this, the second province with the highest pharmaceutical coverage in the country, with more than 180 of these institutions, will also logically do its production. To a large extent it depends on the solidarity of all that these products return to Holguin homes. /Radio Angulo

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