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Holguin Launches Campaign for 300th Anniversary of the City

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campaña hg 300 1Julio César Estupiñán, President of the Government in Holguín.
The city of Holguin will celebrate the 300 anniversary of its foundation on April 4, 2020, under the slogan "The city we want", officially presented on March 28 by the Municipal Assembly of People's Power of this eastern territory.
The campaign includes more than 170 constructive actions in parks, museums, important institutions of the city, health centers and schools, among others, explained Ricardo Suarez Martinez, president of the Municipal Assembly.

He added that the campaign will be headed by the people of Holguin, recognized in the country for their sense of belonging and identity with their land and who will contribute to develop a more beautiful, clean, modern, cultured and universal city.

campaña hg 300 2Hirán Pérez Concepción, historian of the city of Holguín. Photos: Juan Pablo Carreras
Historian Hiran Perez addressed the development of the city from its origins with the creation of the Hato, on April 4, 1545 by Garcia Holguin; the foundation of the town of Holguin on the same date, but in 1720, after the first mass celebrated in the Church of San Isidoro; the granting of the Title of the City on January 18, 1752, until becoming one of the most booming territories of Cuba.

Adrian Lopez, designer of the campaign, commented on the visual identity of the campaign, which highlights the most recognized cultural and heritage symbols of Holguin, such as Loma de la Cruz and La Periquera.

He also highlighted the dissimilar supports in which the image of the strategy will be displayed, such as hats, pullovers, key chains, calendars, jars, among others, and the importance of the media to spread the message of "The city we want, more beautiful”.

campaña hg 300 3Launching of the campaign "The city we want" in the history museum La Periquera.
The launching of the campaign was attended by Ernesto Santiesteban, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Holguin and Julio Cesar Estupiñan, president of the Provincial Assembly of the People’s Power, who insisted that this is not just a constructive campaign that exclusively involves the authorities, as the entire population must promote a civic culture of beautification and cleanliness.
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