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Holguin Produces 110,000 Tons of Sugar in Current Harvest

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More than 110 thousand tons of sugar were produced in Holguin so far this season, which shows the efficiency of the industries involved in the current harvest.
According to Reyna Salermo Escalona, director of the Provincial Sugar Company, this result shows that compliance with the economic and technical plan can be achieved, mainly in March, the most productive month of the harvest.

"We must finish the current harvest around May 10. The estimates of cane in the Urbano Noris and Cristino Naranjo industries are high, so as long as weather conditions allow, we will be harvesting, " Salermo said.
So far, despite the difficulties with breaks, resources and transport, more than a thousand tons are produced each day and according to the estimated of sugarcane, if the spring rains do not arrive before time, the province will be able to contribute more than 8 thousand tons above the predicted.
In each of the five sugar industries and the productive units, the conditions related to resources and organization were evaluated, since raising the rate of harvest and milling is decisive, mainly in the Urbano Noris and Cristiano Naranjo sugar mills.
She commented that authorities in the country indicated to apply important measures to guarantee wage support to the workers of the industry, which guarantees a better payment system in extreme conditions, with a view to achieving greater efforts depending on the harvest.
Along with the development of the harvest, the sector promotes the sowing of cane, whose plan this year is superior to 14 thousand hectares (ha). This program is at 99 percent compliance and this month it should be planted 900 ha, mainly in areas of the "Fernando de Dios", the "Cristino Naranjo" and the colossus "Urbano Noris".
The sawing of sugarcane for the current year was conceived in Holguin on the basis of introducing and extending varieties of higher yields and resistant to climatic conditions.
The largest area to be planted is located in the southern region of the province where are located the two largest sugar producers of Holguin, Cristino Naranjo and Urbano Noris sugar mills, which have stable irrigation systems.

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