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Workers of Holguin Local Newspaper Support Bolivarian Revolution

  • Published in Holguin
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firma ahora 1Workers of the !ahora! newspaper placed their signature to support the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Photos Elder Leyva
The workers of the local newspaper ¡ahora! in the province of Holguin, expressed their support for the people and legitimately elected government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, led by the constitutional president Nicolas Maduro.
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Luis Mario Rodríguez, deputy director of the institution in the eastern Cuban territory, said that in view of the situation that the sister nation is facing today, the support of the fraternal countries like Cuba, lover of peace and the sovereignty of the peoples, is imposed.

The hostile action of the US administration headed by Donald Trump and his allies, cause a difficult landscape in the region, mainly promoted by the constant media attacks against Maduro, who each day reaffirms his intention to maintain the peace and reconciliation in Venezuela.

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Journalists, editors, photojournalists, designers and other administrative workers, placed their signature in favor of the Venezuela’s cause to decide the future of their country among themselves without the interference of foreign powers that violate the right to self-determination.

Work centers, schools, universities, hospitals, armed institutions and neighborhoods throughout Cuba are gathering signatures in support of the Bolivarian nation.

The meeting began with the reading of a statement issued by the Cuban government to denounce the danger of US military intervention in the Latin American country.
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