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Holguin Ready for Constitutional Referendum

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At 7 o'clock in the morning of February 17, the 2, 466 polling stations of the province of Holguin opened their doors for the dynamic trial, prior to the referendum that will approve or not, the new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.
Until 12:30 p.m., the more than 18,000 electoral authorities of the territory put into practice the means, mechanisms and structures in order to guarantee the conditions required for this democratic exercise.

Caridad Ramos Sánchez, president of the Provincial Electoral Commission, reported that until nine o'clock in the morning only 54 incidents related to electric lighting had been detected, most of which, in no more than 72 hours, would be resolved.

She noted that the dynamic trial showed that the eastern territory is able to face the day of February 24 with total adherence to the Law, the expected assurance and the vitality of the communications system implemented.

Holguin foresees the participation of more than 786 000 people, a figure that places it as the second country with the largest number of eligible voters for the constitutional referendum.

For this occasion, over 8,000 young people will exercise for the first time their right to vote upon reaching the age of 16 years.

During a tour of several of the 14 special polling stations of the territory, was assessed the training of all the members of the polling stations, as well as the young people that will support the process.

Precisely, in the one located in the provincial university hospital Vladimir Ilich Lenin, the conditions are ready so that patients, companions, medical service of municipalities, laundry and kitchen can exercise their vote, said its president, Alina Sánchez Castillo.

Also, in the Holguin Turquino Plan, from the mountainous area of the municipalities of Cueto to Moa, the 144 electoral schools, including the 42 of difficult access, are prepared for the attendance of around 30, 000 voters, where radio amateurs, fanciers and messengers will support the election process.

For next February 24, more than 19 000 pioneers will guard the ballot boxes that will keep the secret and voluntary vote that the people of Holguin will exercise for the future of the country.

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