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Palmares Facility Reopens after Major Renovation in Holguín

  • Published in Holguin
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dinos pizza 1Photos: Alexis del Toro
More than a change of image is a renewal of offers, setting and services that today holds the Cafeteria Dinos Pizza El Tocororo, formerly Rico Pizza brand, located in front of the Calixto García park in Holguín and belonging to the Palmares extra-hotel company.
dinos pizza 2
The facility reopened its doors to the public on December 31st with the same capacity, 34 diners, but with a greater variety of offers.
There are 19 varieties of pizzas, 18 of spaghetti, 10 appetizers and other usual products, such as coffee, soft drinks, beers and although the portfolio of services is affected by the entry of certain supplies, including butter for the preparation of creams, and short pasta such as ravioli, tortellini and other raw materials for the preparation of Italian dishes, as these supplies enter the menu prepared by gastronomic specialists will be completed.
"Every day the 13 employees of the downtown establishment make an effort to achieve greater quality in service and we aspire to meet the expectations of customers, who show their preference and loyalty every time they return or wait until an hour to enter," said Mariela Ochoa, administrator of the Complex No. 5 to which the Tocororo belongs.
dinos pizza 3
The acceptance of the change is also predictable in figures, because only in the first month of work achieved growth of 50 percent more than the previous year, so forecast to recover in a maximum of six months investment up to 54 thousand convertible pesos.
This unit is the first in the province to dress in the colors orange and green, typical of that Cuban brand patented by Palmares and internationally recognized, which will be followed, gradually, by the Rico Pizza San Isidoro and Sardinia, located in La Molienda and Guardalavaca beach, respectively, said Leslie Alina Pupo, a sales representative for the Palmares branch in the territory.
dinos pizza 4
The extra-hotel Palmares works to strengthen its status in the province in the face of strong competition with restaurants and individual cafeterias, hence its renewal and effort for the excellence of services is evident in the more than 400 workers who work in the 48 units of those available in the province.

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