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Holguín’s Performance in the Country's Economy

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The economic and financial indicators had favorable performance in the province of Holguín in 2018.
It highlights the total net sales, profits, gross value added and productivity.
Despite limitations of material and financial resources, the territory sought reserves, based on the inventories available, the systematic control and checking of what was planned.
Sectors such as agriculture, industry, energy and mining are among those that contributed most to the economy of the country in 2018, with productions destined to exports and import substitution.
Holguín identifies items that can strengthen the Cuban presence in the international market, mainly from agricultural production and the manufacturing industry, essentials for productive linkages.
Despite shortages in the investment process, sectors such as tourism, the food industry, transport, the energy branch and the East - West water transfer also stood out.
The use of the territorial contribution for the local development boosted the production and services, the solution of proposals by the population, and additional expenses related to the repair and maintenance of social institutions. / Aldia.cu

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