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Holguín Hosts Symposium on Calixto García

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calixto garcia
The Symposium Thought and Action of Major General Calixto García is takes place in Holguín from November 11 to December 13, with the aim of reflecting not only on the life and work of the patriot, but also on Cuba's independence wars.
Hiram Pérez Concepción, president of the Union of Historians in Holguín who presides over the event, said that this type of exchange among specialists is vital in society, because history is the sustenance of the own culture and its knowledge is essential for all.
He stressed that promoting the study of history is fundamental for the political education of the people and is an element of firmness, because "a people that knows their past, their background, is better prepared to resist and move forward".
The meeting is attended by the Holguín National History Awards DrC Hebert Pérez Concepción and Ibrahim Hidalgo de Paz with the conferences "A book that we should know" and "1898: propitiatory contradictions of intervention", respectively, and the MsC José Abreu Cardet, with the paper "Annotations on the Great War".
The event is also atended by prominent researchers from the province and the country, who will have the opportunity to reflect on different points of view and analysis about the wars of liberation, the thought of Calixto García and Marti’s ideas, among other topics.
The Symposium takes place on the 150th anniversaries of the beginning of the Independence Wars and the 120th anniversary of the death of the Holguín mambí Calixto García Íñiguez.

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