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Holguin Airport for Greater International Health Control

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aeropuerto frank paisPhoto: Amauris Betancourt.
Several countries of the world keep active transmission of diseases such as acute respiratory diseases, yellow fever and malaria. Given that the province of Holguin has collaboration projects with different countries and the number of travelers to those destinations has increased, the implementation of an effective sanitary control has been necessary.
Due to the risk it represents to the country the entry and transmission of diseases already eradicated or with low rates of infestation, it is eminent to strengthen international health control in international marinas, ports and airports, with emphasis on the latter.

According to Eliecer Ortiz Hidalgo, official of the international sanitary control of the Provincial Center of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology in Holguin: "The international situation is quite complex not only in Brazil but in eight countries bordering the South American giant, where Cuba provides medical collaboration. Cuban travelers who visit those countries on a frequent basis are another risk factor, because they do not always report the addresses, as in the case of collaborators who are subject to the control of the organisms. That is why the control actions begin at the points of entry to the province. "

In Holguin, the Frank Pais international airport that frequently operates a commercial airline from Venezuela and a Copa flight with travelers and crew from the Southern cone and the Andean region, must ensure effective control of  passengers.

Travelers coming from countries at risk of yellow fever, malaria and other communicable diseases, in addition to being asked for evidence of vaccination upon arrival in the country, are applied some tests, on which the official of the international sanitary control in Holguin comments.

"Epidemiological surveillance is carried out for five hours in the Center for Assistance to Collaborators, not only to Holguin travelers but also those from other provinces.”

"As for malaria, we continue to work in the area of residence of travelers where we have anophheline breeding sites and in the passive surveillance of people with fever. We performed the malarial gout in the first 72 hours and then the parasitological control for eight weeks. "

In the timely surveillance and control actions that are able to carry out, there is the possibility of minimizing the entry into the country of communicable or emerging diseases. / Radio Angulo

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