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Gibara Film Festival Hosts Culinary Event

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The culinary event Saborear Gibara takes place on July 5th , as part of the program of the 14th edition of the International Film Festival of Gibara, in line with the global trend of increasingly inserting gastronomy in all scenarios.
The event includes presentations of books and magazines on gastronomic and film themes, conferences, workshops and film tasting.
sabor gibara 1Albertto Gámez, International Chef, author of the book "Saborear Gibara".
The Culinary Association of Gibara, the Festival and other institutions sponsorinf the event, intend to insert the culinary theme from a cultural perspective, with emphasis on the cinematographic field. For this reason, a gourmet cinema program will be exhibited, which includes the film “Pure culinary tradition, the secret of triumph,” testimony of Eusebio Leal, historian of Havana.
Evelina Cardet, organizer of the event and author of several books of cooking recipes linked to different artistic manifestations,
said that the event aims to encourage residents and visitors to collect authentic recipes of Gibara, which are the contribution of the territory to Cuban cuisine.
The emblematic private restaurant of the city La Cueva Taína will host the closing dinner "Delicias de la cocina gibareña".
Saborear Gibara will boost internationally one of the identity elements of Villa Blanca: its cuisine. The dishes are distinguished by the use of seafood such as shellfish and molluscs, with a distinctive smell, taste and color of this region.
Jorge Perugorría, president of the Gibara Film Festival, pointed out in a press conference the possibility that, in its second edition, the culinary event takes place independently of the cinematographic event. However, its launching as part of the Festival reveals its Renaissance character by linking dissimilar artistic manifestations.
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