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Holguin Bets on Renewable Energy

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fotovoltaico 1The Yuraguanal park, with 17, 600 photovoltaic panels, will generate 4.4 megawatt per day. Photos: Carlos Rafael
Betting on the use of renewable energies means having in our hands the key to a door that will take us to a clean and inexhaustible energy future, with considerable social, economic and environmental benefits.
In order to reduce the use of fossil fuels, Cuba supports this type of energy sources to integrate them into the national electricity system (SEN).
One of the priorities of the country, endorsed in the VII Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), is to reach the 2030 with about 30 percent of the SEN based on renewable energy sources.
In this regard, one of the actions undertaken has been the construction of wind farms and photovoltaic parks, as well as small hydroelectric power plants throughout the national territory.
In Holguín, it is at 87 percent of execution the first one of the more than 20 photovoltaic parks to be built in this north eastern region of Cuba.
"The Yuraguanal photovoltaic park, located in the coastal town of Rafael Freyre, once completed will have 17, 600 panels of Chinese technology and an installed capacity of 4.4 megawatt (mw)," explained Frank David Ricardo, specialist of the Electricity Company in the province.
The facility will integrate into the national electricity system next July, which would contribute a daily saving of five tons of diesel.
The project also includes the construction of other parks in areas of Cruce de Mir, Sao Arriba and cruce del Coco, while planning the construction of the third Gibara wind farm and others to be built in the coastal area of the municipality of Banes, in the popular councils of Punta de Mula and Río Seco, the specialist added.
Cuba, in line with the global trend of promoting the energy produced by renewable sources is taking a step forward, according to the monetary availability of the country. The Caribbean island bets on renewable energy as the key to the future.

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