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Holguín Prepares for Coffee Harvest

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The province of Holguín expects an increase in the 2018 coffee harvest, with the collection of 999 tons (T) of Oro coffee and the purpose of reaching, by 2020, the thousand 358 tons, with the correct application of technology.
Currently, there is motivation among coffee producers from encouraging prices, mainly in the individual ones, not so in the Basic Production Units and the Agricultural Production Cooperatives, where difficulties persist mainly for sowing.
In 2018 there are enough coffee plants to guarantee the sowing and replanting planned.
In 2017, the first campaign was achieved in the technical nursery for the production of coffee plants in Tubetes, with good acceptance by the majority of producers.
The province has a certified seed bank, in the process of transformation, to introduce new varieties from the Jibacoa station in Villa Clara.
Currently, work is being done to benefit more than 2,000 hectares with irrigation from different sources of supply. Agreement has been reached with the National Agricultural Projects Company and the Coffee Station of the Third Front for the survey of the areas, technical tasks and feasibility studies.
Preparations are made for the 2018-2019 harvest, including all the production areas in this harvest, mainly the areas planted in 2014 of the Robusta variety and those of 2015 of the Arabica variety.
The agrotechnical and phytosanitary tasks, the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the ripening peaks for the collection according to the rains and blooms, as well as the estimate and the contract according to the coffee produced, are carried out.
So far there are no problems with the maintenance of the industries, not so with the repair of coffee dryers and camps and there are still difficulties in the repair of specialized transport, due to a lack of spare parts, which can affect the collection of coffee and cocoa.

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