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East-West Water Transfer Benefits Agriculture in Holguín

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Making the most of the waters of the East-West transfer in order to increase food production is one of the objectives of the Agricultural sector in Holguín, which works for the substitution of imports and the production of exportable products to favor the Cuban economy.
Builders of the company ECOI 17 are working in the assembly of a semi-stationary irrigation system located in El Manglito, where drones are used in the monitoring of the areas under exploitation to determine the agricultural areas planted, the population density of the crops, locate deficient drainages and evaluate the possibilities of theft of agricultural products before being harvested.
In this regard, will be used a modern technology that includes flights with the AN-22 aircraft with digital metric camera for a 1: 1000 map that will allow to project quickly and efficiently the drainage systems, as well as the creation of a special map of 262 square kilometers to verify the use of soils in plantations of cane, rice, various crops, tobacco, grass and fodder.

In 2017 it was found that the production of several crops exceeded the planned amount by 11,441 tons, reaching 70 percent of the planned feasibility, while the production of root vegetables during the same period only reached 68 percent, mainly due to the damages caused by Hurricane Irma.

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