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Puerto Moa Promotes Economic Offers to Cuban Entrepreneurs

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With a proposal to reduce costs in Transportation and the invisible capital outflow by the concept of handling, national transportation and lodging, Puerto Moa participates in the 15th edition of the ExpoHolguín Trade Fair-2018, which takes place in this eastern Cuban province from the 21st to the 25th May.
This entity of the homonymous municipality, located in the easternmost part of Holguín province, participates for the first time in this type of event to promote their potential for any type of import or export by cabotage.
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José Carmenaty Palacios, a marketing specialist in Puerto Moa, said that the shipping company Nirint Shipping, operated 50% by the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Fondel group of the Netherlands, can bring merchandise from anywhere in the world and deliver it in Moa. He specified that, at the moment, this operation is only carried out through the ports of Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos and Havana.
"In this way, taking into account the Moa company, the price for freightage is reduced for contractors, because the handling and transportation remains in the province, and that same money can be used in the contribution of one percent,” Carmenaty pointed out.
The specialist referred to the Real Estate Agency of Tourism, which finds it difficult to bring containers and cargo from Spain, which anchor in Santiago de Cuba; However, the shipping company Nirint travels from Holland, Bilbao, Havana and, finally, Moa, which is geographically closer to the main investments of Tourism.
The Puerto Moa Company has different base business units, such as the Nicaro port, Port Transport and Maritime Coral, among others.
This is one of the exhibited products that demonstrate the utility of the realization of this type of commercial fairs, destined to the corporate sector, as they promote viable and economic offers to the business sector of the territory.
On Thursday, the 15th Fair ExpoHolguín-2018 will launch the destination Holguin by the delegation of the Ministry of Tourism in the province.

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