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Holguin Hospital to Start Radioguided Surgery this Year

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cirugiaradioguiadaPhoto: Radio Angulo
The treatment of oncological diseases in Holguín is strengthened in the usual medical practice with good results. For this purpose, several constructive and technological actions have been implemented in the Territorial Oncology Center to favor the treatment of patients.
An important step here will be the beginning this year of the radioguided surgery technique. In this regard the director of the Center, Pedro Fernández Sarabia said:

"Soon we will be part of a national nuclear medicine research project to start radioguided surgery treatment. The procedure consists in the search  with a radioguided probe of lymph nodes affected or not by cancer through the injection of nuclear medicine products. These lymph nodes are removed and if they are positive, complete surgical treatment is performed, therefore it represents an improvement of  the quality of life in patients treated.”

Researches will begin with breast and penile cancer, which will help to improve the quality of life as "the treatment would help to reduce the breast edema and pain produced in the lower limbs of men. It will represent a considerable improvement for  health in our province,” Fernández said.

Nowadays, the oncological patients cannot be treated in an isolated way by any specialist, as the medical team that participates in the diagnosis and treatment should provide care to the patients and their families. / Radio Angulo

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