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Bolsonaro Government to Conclude More Doctors Program

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President Jair Bolsonaro's government is preparing the conclusion of the More Doctors program, according to information confirmed by the initiative's coordinator, Mayra Pinheiro, and quoted Thursday by Fato's Brazil website.
The conclusion has been announced since Michel Temer's coup in 2016, with the investment reduction in Medical Residency, Process and Infrastructure and the non-participation of Cuba in the program due to offensive statements and threats from Bolsonaro against the Cuban professionals.
Since the cessation in November of more than 8,000 Cuban doctors in the program, there were three calls to fill their posts, however, so far, 1,462 places remain without professionals.
More Doctors will be replaced by a new project, probably titled More Health, the source said.
Pinheiro also confirmed to the media there will be no new announcements and the program will be closed.
With this, the registered foreign doctors, who should elect the municipalities on February 18 and 19, should not participate in the initiative.
The program, starting in 2013, improved a series of health indicators in Brazil and placed doctors in communities never reached by one of these professionals.
According to a study carried out by the Pan American Health Organization on the impact of More Doctors, Fato's Brazil reveals that the country could have 37,000 child deaths under five by 2030, with the end of the Cuban professionals' activity.
If the federal program were extinguished, the figure would reach 42,000 deaths of Brazilian children up to age 5. / PL

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