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Holguin: Medical Device Favor Children with Cervical Fractures

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pediatrico inversiones PtadA skeletal traction device for the treatment of children with luxo cervical fractures is already used in the pediatric hospital Octavio de la Concepción de la Pedraja of Holguin, as a result of the technological innovation processes carried out in the healthcare center.
The device is essential in the improvement of injuries caused by sudden falls in rivers, beaches and swimming pools, which may cause injuries of the spine, said to the ACN news agency Miguel Leyva, director of that healthcare center and creator of the initiative.

He noted that the device was adapted from a knee retractor and has a system that allows its adaptation to the size of the skull, which allows its use for decompression of vertebrae, one of the most common complications with this type of disorder.

According to Leyva, the price of skeletal traction equipment is $ 500 in the international market and there are regulations of the US economic and commercial blockade against Cuba, which make difficult the purchase of this device.

So far, three children have been treated with favorable evolution, which is a proof of its effectiveness and will allow the establishment of projects for its socialization to other care centers in the eastern region, Leyva said.

Holguin pediatric hospital was founded on October 10, 1971 and has 500 beds and more than 35 specialties, including neonatology, Intensive and intermediate therapy, seriously ill patient, pediatric surgery, oncohematology, neonatal surgery of minimum access, trauma and psychology consultation.

Lumbar cervical injuries occur as a result of falls or accidents and can cause neurological disorders, including tetraplegia and paraplegia and side effects such as inflammation, pain or spasms.

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