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Success in Germany of Cuban Company Codanza

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CoDanza1Photo: Frank EngelhardtAs very successful can be described the presentations in Germany of the Holguin company CoDanza, according to its director, the dancer and choreographer Maricel Godoy.
CoDanza2Photo: Martin HäuslerThe tour will extend from January 3 to March 21 with the show Do not stop the music, which includes the Anglo-Saxon contemporary musical and dance repertoire under the artistic direction of Maricel Godoy; costume design by the experienced Alejandro de la Torre and choreographies by the dancers Rubildo Donatién Gaínza and Vianky González, founder of that contemporary dance in Cuba.

According to Godoy, the two recent presentations in the city of Dresden fulfilled the expectations: "We have experienced very strong emotions because it has been the apotheosis of applauses. For five times the dancers had to greet an audience that applauded, shouted, danced. "

CoDanza3Photo: Martin Häusler"In the last show, the audience kept applauding during the hour and forty-five minutes of the show. We do not imagine that it was such an enthusiastic audience, knowing the American dance, " said Maricel Godoy, several times nominated to the Cuban National Dance Award.

So far, CoDanza has performed in some fifteen cities, among which are Eppelheim, Rostock and Karlsfeld, always with the same surprising reception from the audience.

The Holguín company will also perform in cities of Switzerland and Austria in the coming days.

CoDanza4Photo: Martin Häusler"The tour gives us the possibility to diversify our repertoire and try other audiences, especially one as demanding as the European and different in terms of idiosyncrasies and dance references," the director of CoDanza added.

For the occasion, the dancers Rubildo and Rubert Donatién, Roberto Ricardo and the singer Gilberto de Marcos, all belonging to the Center of Music and Entertainment in Holguin, have joined the dozen members of the company.

CoDanza6Photo: Martin HäuslerAfter its return to Cuba, the company will work on the staging of new works, with a view to the fifth edition of the North Atlantic Dance Contest and Vladimir Malakhov Grand Prix, to be held from September 24 to 30 in the city of Holguin.

They will also undertake joint projects with the internationally renowned Catalan choreographer María Rovira, who is recognized for her artistic work with prestigious dance groups such as the National Ballet of Cuba and the company Acosta Danza.

CoDanza9Photo: Martin HäuslerAmong other artistic commitments for 2018, CoDanza is invited to participate in the Dance Season, to be held on October in the city of Cienfuegos, and the event "To dance at the house of the spinning top", which takes place in December, in Santa Clara , convened by the company Danza del Alma.

The show Do not stop the music is a chronological and rhythmic, musical and dance tour, covering Jazz, Charleston, Rock'n'roll, pop, hip hop and trap.

Founded in 1992, the company CoDanza is considered by the public and specialized critics as one of the best contemporary dance groups in Cuba.
CoDanza10Photo: Martin Häusler
Rubén Rodríguez González
Author: Rubén Rodríguez González
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