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Holguín Opens Exhibitions Dedicated to Electa Arenal

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electa DETALLE AUTORRETRATOElecta Arenal worked in the northeastern part of Cuba in the 60s of the 20th century and boosted the cultural life of the city of Holguín. Photos: Luis Mario Rodríguez
Three exhibitions of plastic arts were opened on June 12 at the Art Center of the city of Holguín, as part of the activities of “Buscando a Electa", an event that until June 14 will pay homage to the Mexican painter, sculptor and muralist Electa Arenal Huerta, on the 50th anniversary of her physical disappearance.
The main hall of the Art Center hosts the exhibition "Acompasando mis pasos", in which 41 creators of different styles and art expressions exhibit a unique piece as a show of courtesy and respect for the artist who promoted the cultural life of the territory during her stay in the eastern region between 1960 and 1965.

electa EXPOSICION COLECTIVAIn the exhibition stand out the names of creators such as Cosme Proenza, Lauro Hechavarría, Luis Silva, Jorge Hidalgo Pimentel and Ramiro Ricardo.
Video performance and installations along with traditional sculptures and paintings make up the exhibition by renowned artists such as Cosme Proenza, Lauro Hechavarría, Luis Silva, Jorge Hidalgo Pimentel and Ramiro Ricardo.

Ricardo was the driving force of the event ¨Buscando a Electa¨, which aims to revitalize the legacy of the creator and raise awareness about the relevance of the conservation of her work, disseminated in the cities of Holguín, Puerto Padre and the town of Velasco.

electa MUESTRA INFANTIL 3The Children's Creation Workshop "Before ALBA", opened the exhibition "Echoes of your laughter".
The Children's Creation Workshop “Antes del ALBA ", opened the exhibition " Ecos de tu risa ", in tribute to Electa, where they demonstrated the skills acquired through the use of various techniques.

Also, the hall that bears the name of the Mexican artist, host the exhibition " Por siempre Electa ", with original works of the creator, family photographs and engravings of her mother Elena Huerta, who instilled in her the love for the plastic arts.

At the opening of the exhibitions,the director of the Art Center, Yuricel Moreno, thanked the artists who joined to pay homage to the Mexican artist.

She also acknowledged the authorities of the Provincial Directorate of Public Health in Holguín that facilitated access to the sites where Electa's works are located in their institutions and the exchange with the people who usually work in these places.

She also thanked the management of the Lenin Hospital, which donated to the Art Center one of the white granite planters that Electa conceived especially for the inauguration of the health institution, in 1965.

Electa Arenal worked in the northeastern part of Cuba in the 60s of the 20th century, attracted by the ideals of the Cuban Revolution. She boosted the cultural life of the city and promoted the development of sculpture and ceramics in the territory, through the creation of the Free Arts and Crafts Workshop, in 1962.

Her work on the island includes the sculptural murals "Canto a la Revolución" (1962), " Átomos y niños " (1963) and " Revolución Cubana " (1965); as well as other murals in low relief such as "Infancia" (1963), "Maternidad" (1964) and "Palomas" (1965).
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