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Book on Hispanic Imprint Launched in Holguín

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Presentan libro HuellaPhoto: ACN
The book “Huella y memoria hispánica in Holguín, Asturian and Balearic Islands,” published by the Editorial La Mezquita and sponsored by the Cultural Ministry of the Embassy of Spain in Cuba, was presented in the city of Holguín as a result of extensive research.
The book provides a historical and socio-historical panorama of the Asturian and Balearic emigration in that eastern territory as well as the socio-demographic significance and the cultural imprint left by this phenomenon, said its autor, Bárbara Martínez Pupo.

The publication of the book represents a motivation for future studies, added the researcher Yirka Rómulo Pupo.

This is an investigation derived from a master's thesis initiated in 2017, which delves into the contributions of an essential component in the process of formation of the Cuban nation and nationality through the review of documents, observation and testimonies.

It also consitutes an important material for those who want to know specific aspects of Hispanic life such as songs, dances, crafts, culinary, religious customs and oral tradition, among others.

Since the discovery of the New World in 1492 constant migrations began, mainly from Europe and specifically from Spain, which has left traces in the cultural, economic and social landscape of this nation, result of mixing and transculturation.

The publishing house La Mezquita was founded on June 29, 2008, is affiliated with the Holguin branch of the National Union of Historians of Cuba (UNHIC) and has received two awards from the Historical Critic José Luciano Franco. It includes 16 titles in the catalog, two of them in digital format, as well as others in the editing process. / ACN

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