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Photo Exhibit Recalls the History of Gibara

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gibara 2018
The photo exhibit Luz de Memoria opened Monday in the hotel Ordoño of the Iberostar chain in the coastal town of Gibara, as part of the activities of the 14th International Film Festival taking place here.
The exhibition presents the history of the also known as Villa Blanca and its people, from the private life of the López Quintana family from Gibara, in pictures captured by the lens of Joaquín López Quintana, considered one of the pioneers of photography in Cuba.

Hermes Mellea, curator of the exhibition and expert on the photographic work of his great-grandfather, said to the media that one of the happiest memories of his childhood is linked to those snapshots, which presented him Gibara as a magic place.

Hence, he decided to select twenty five pictures of his personal archive and exhibit them in the home where the López Quintana family lived for decades, a dream he is sharing today with the people of Gibara.

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