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There are moments that generate good feelings, looking at the sunset alone, as a couple, in the company of relatives or watch as a lens professional to take an excellent snapshot, it is the way that connect us with inner peace, the complement of a good day or the forecast of a night full of secrets.

The sunset can be the reconciliation of the human being with nature. The clouds sometimes take a reddish color, maintain the blue of the sky and at other times are rare, forming unsuspected figures due to the angle of the sun's rays, in particular the sun is at sunset when due to the rotation of the earth, it crosses the horizontal plane and passes from the visible to the non-visible, this determines the beginning of the night and the end of the day.

The sunset is also called dusk. In the northern hemisphere in spring and summer, the sun sets between the west and the north, in autumn and winter its declines between the west and the south. Simultaneously, in the southern hemisphere; in autumn and winter, the sunset is between the west and the north, and in spring and summer between the west and the south.
The refraction by the atmosphere of the luminous rays of the Sun encourages us to see light when the Sun has already set: evening twilight. This refraction lengthens the day and shortens the night.
The sunsets that we enjoy in our City of the Parks make us accomplices of beauty that nature offers us.