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The Anti-Cuban Mafia and the Hypocrisy of the “Humanitarian” Aid to Venezuela

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Amid the psychological warfare of attrition unleashed by the U.S. against Venezuela, some of the most notorious leaders of the Anti-Cuban mafia landed on Sunday in the Colombia city of Cucuta.
The delegation, which seeks allegedly to foster the humanitarian aid to Venezuela, is headed by Marcos Rubio (Republican, Florida), the U.S. representative in the OAS, Carlos Trujillo, and Mario Díaz-Balart (Congressmen for Florida).
In the visit and with the pretentiousness of a proconsul, the Cuban-born Senator Marcos Rubio threatened Venezuela’s Army and repeated the same lies Washington has been fabricating regarding the huge international “support” that puppet president Juan Guaidó —appointed by the White House for Venezuela— has enjoyed.
According to Reuters, in front of a crowd of hundreds of people who were waving flags and shouting criticism against Maduro near the bridge located in the border of the two nations, Rubio stated that the U.S. and the world would not abandon Venezuelans.
That world Rubio referred to, of course, is the band of hawks of Washington that handpicked Juan Guaidó as well as other half a hundred nations subjected to pressures from the Empire.
With total cynicism, Rubio also said: “One thing is to see human suffering, but feeling it so close in the flesh is quite different. Getting to know the people and their stories…”
It seems that the Senator, one of the spearheads of the U.S blockade against Cuba —the longest genocide in history— has serious limitations as regards to information.
If we talk about compassion to victims of human suffering, the “charity” he is trying hard to get into Venezuela, the U.S. may well send it to countries such as Argentina, Syria, Haiti, or Yemen, or the border with Mexico where refuge is denied to thousands of migrants from Central America.
In Argentina, for instance, thousands of protesters were chanting on the streets in massive demonstrations calling the government to declare national health emergency and put an end to the unpayable increase of premium rates.
According to figures, under Macri’s administration —he, by the way, is one of those puppets backing the U.S. government— the official inflation rate reached the 48%, the worst figure in 28 years, and the poverty index could top one-third of the population of 44 million.
To save some money in logistics, they could go to Haiti where a recent crisis unleashed this week and the U.S. State Department recommended its citizens “to postpone all non-essential travels to Haiti” due to the violent climate prevailing in that country.
In this case, it is very possible that the people of Haiti reject that “generous” offer.
In the AFP report published this Friday, after burning a U.S. flag in the streets, demonstrators pointed out that people “asked Russia, Venezuela, and the great China…to take a look at the misery we are living here.”
In this regard, they broke up with the U.S.: “we have had already too much occupation from the U.S., we cannot take this anymore.” / Cubasi

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