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Voices Worldwide Condemned Enforcement of Helms-Burton Act

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Several voices and organizations worldwide joined the rejection of the activation of Titles III and IV of the Helms-Burton Act against Cuba by the Government of the United States on May 2.
The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) issued a communiqué condemning the imposition of sanctions and the US blockade of Cuba.
The DFLP assured that the current US policy aims to undermine Cuba's sovereignty and to make the country dependent on the United States.
It warned that the decision by the administration of President Donald Trump to roll back the measures taken during the Barack Obama Government (2009 -2017) and impose sanctions on Cuba is an 'aggressive and dangerous step'.
The general secretary of the Communist Party of Sardinia, Italy, Davide Meloni, told the newspaper Trabajadores that the law attempts against Cuba's sovereignty and economic development, as well as its relations with other countries.
That makes it an extraterritorial legislation that violates international law, with which the White House codifies the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed on Cuba for nearly six decades.
For his part, the academic Carlos Fazio noted that the Helms-Burton Act seeks to annul Cuba's sovereign right to the nationalization and expropriation of foreign and national assets with compensation, according to international law.
The Peruvian lawmaker Manuel Dammert pointed out that the measure confirms the rapid deterioration of the Donald Trump Government, and added that it makes no sense in 'a world that is unipolar now and affirms dialogue among civilizations'.
According to Dammert, Cuba embodies the peoples of Latin America and the world who fight for sovereignty, democracy, friendly civilization and an end to all forms of oppression.
On this new aggression by Washington against Havana, the Argentinean Senator Marcelo Fuentes stated that the activation of Title III deepens bilateral tensions and affects relations and the world geopolitical board negatively.
It is an act of hostility that undermines part of the agreements reached over the past few years and endangers the continuity of good relations by the international community, he added. / PL

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