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Academic Association Rejects Obstacles to Obtain Canadian Visas

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Canandian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies expressed today its worry due to the obstacles to apply for visas so scholars of the region can travel to this northern country.
In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the organization rejected the difficulties faced in the process of applying for a Canadian visa by Latin American and Caribbean researchers 'who want to come to Canada to take part in meetings and academic conferences' cannot receive an entry visa.
The group made public its protest because the Association held its 50th yearly conference at the University of York in Toronto from May 10 to 12, 'but unfortunately, four distinguished Latin American scholars, three Cubabs and a Brazilian one, never receivwed the visas that allowed them to travel to Canada'.
The letter published in their website, denounced that 'in thew case of the Cuban scholars, the treatment given them by the Visa Section of the Canadian embassy in Havana was arrogant and disrespectful'.
The Canadian government told the Cubans they would have to apply again in a third country on May 8, barely two days before the beginning of the conference', underlined the ALACS.
The ALACS keeps close relations with diverse communities of Latin America and the Caribbean, with NGOs, research institutions and international academics, said the letter.
The letter, signed by the Directive Council of Alacs, insisted 'on the need to maintain excellent political, economic and cultural relations with Canada' with the rest of the countries of this part of the world. / PL

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