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Extension Projects Benefit Holguin Communities

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escolares plan turquino1Photo: Taken from aldia.cuBringing the academy closer to the cultural and social projects carried out in the province of Holguin is among the main tasks of the University of Holguin in the current academic period.
Iosvani Hernández, vice-rector of the university extension in the institution, stressed the importance of this project in the process of construction and evolution of man as an active subject of society.

He pointed out that currently there are 37 projects that have an impact on communities throughout the Holguin territory and highlighted the role of students and teachers of university branches in the municipalities belonging to the Turquino Plan.

Sports games, educational talks, handicraft workshops and cultural activities often converge in the most intricate communities in the municipalities of Cueto, Mayarí, Frank País, Sagua de Tánamo and Moa, Hérnandez said.

He highlighted among the most recently created projects the "Siembra de Perales", dedicated to the resuscitation of the Velasco Culture Center and “Camino de saberes ", which proposes excursions through attractive tourist paths that recreate passages of Holguin history and culture.

Hérnandez also noted that the dynamics and methods mostly used are those related to participatory action and strategies of cultural animation, a dynamic concept that gains importance within a society historically, politically, economically and culturally contextualized. / ACN

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