Holguin: Preparing the Future of Medicine

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egresados salud pub 1Photos: Facebook profile of the University of Medical SciencesThe province of Holguin currently has one of the highest enrollments of medical students in Cuba, with 9, 326 pre and postgraduate students.
Most of the students are enrolled in the undergraduate degree program, with 7,369 Cuban and foreigner students.
The Medical degree has the largest enrollment, followed by Nursing, Stomatology and Health Technology, said Dr. Luis Orlando Castro González, deputy general director of the Provincial Health Directorate.
In the 2017-2018 academic year, Holguin fulfilled 100 percent admission to all disciplines, after finishing the previous school year with a general promotion of 96.5 percent and the graduation of 839 Health professionals, including doctors, stomatologists, nursing graduates and technologists.
egresados salud pub 2About the postgraduate program, the results in the examinations reached 98.7 percent, higher than the figure achieved in the previous year. "In the period, 542 and 46 doctors obtained the qualification of First and Second Degree specialists, respectively, three of them as Doctor of Sciences, for a total of 49 in the province and two doctors with their second doctorate".
The Medical Sciences University of Holguín (UCMH), sponsored degree programs that respond to specific needs of the territory, including the epidemiological situation, the Mother and Child Care Program, medical collaboration and the training on the use of Natural and Traditional Medicine, among others.
For 2018, the UCMH aims to improve the pre and postgraduate educational teaching work, mainly the curricula, the completion and integral preparation of the teaching staff and the definition and execution of the professional improvement programs in correspondence with the services and the development of the Health system.
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