Eastern Army Starts Year of Preparation for Defense

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Año preparación defensa 1Photos: Elder LeyvaTo strengthen the military invulnerability and guarantee the sovereignty of the Cuban people is the main mission of the Eastern Army, a commitment reaffirmed in the military ceremony on the occasion of the beginning of the year of preparation for the 2018 defense, presided over by the Army Corps General Ramón Espinosa Martín, vice minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR).
Año preparación defensa 2In the presence of Major General Rafael Hernández Delgado, Chief of the Eastern Army, it was reaffirmed the combatants commitment to work and raise the quality of the planned actions in strengthening the different structures and units of the system, as well as to continue materializing the strategic conception of the War of the whole People, as worthy tribute to the historical tradition of struggle started with the pro-independence feats 150 years ago.
Año preparación defensa 3Brigadier General Reinerio Romero Centeno, second Chief of Staff and Head of Operations of the Eastern Army, described as positive the results achieved in the previous stage, mainly in the improvement of military structures and the completion of important exercises and training, together with the revitalization of ideological and political work in the training of soldiers and reservists,  with objectivity and rigor under the optimal use of time and resources.
He said these results were possible thanked to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, the historical leadership of the Cuban Revolution, to those who have fallen for the Homeland and to the unbeatable Cuban people.
Año preparación defensa 4The occasion served to recognize the regions and military units and a group of combatants who received the Distinguished and Outstanding Service awards in the preparation for defense.
The ceremony was also attended by Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, member of the Central Committee and First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Holguin, Julio César Estupiñán Rodríguez, president of the provincial government and other top officials, political and mass organizations.
Año preparación defensa 5
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