Research Reveals Aboriginal Presence in Holguin

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aborigenesPhoto: thecubanhistory.comA research developed by specialists from the Eastern Department of Archeology, based in the province of Holguin, reveals the aboriginal presence in the territory, which will allow expanding the references on the first inhabitants of Cuba.
Juan Jardines, an expert of that institution, noted that the study includes the historical period of the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, in the sites of Managuaco and Guayacán, located in the municipality of Gibara, about 30 kilometers from the provincial capital, where Archaeological findings have been made.

The novelty of the research centers on the fact that it covers the life and customs of aborigines in the miscegenation process, after contact with the objects and habits of life of the Spanish colonizers, mainly in rural areas, he stressed.

He specified that the study takes into account the historical information of the referenced centuries and its conclusion. It will provide a detailed analysis of the pieces used by the natives for ceremonial, utilitarian and ornamental purposes and the way of life during the process of Indo-Hispanic contact.

The Eastern Department of Archeology, created 40 years ago for the study of the archaeological heritage, has other lines of research, including the investigation of the rock art of Holguin, as part of which new pictographs have been referenced in Cerro de Yabazón and Cueva de los Panaderos, in the municipality of Gibara. / ACN

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