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Conciencia Ediciones: efficient editorial management of scientific activity in Holguín

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universidad aniversario 1Close to its fifth anniversary, Conciencia Ediciones, the leading publisher of the scientific activity of the University of Holguín, is working continuously to consolidate results.
In addition to promoting the textbooks required for teaching, this label is in charge of managing the scientific articles to be published, based on the existence of the electronic magazines Luz and DeporVida, with 16 and 15 years of existence respectively, go through an important indexing process in directories with wide access to databases recognized worldwide.
yane alvarez universidad holguinAccording to Yane Álvarez Rómulo, head of the department of this publishing house, "this house of high studies is privileged since not all the universities in the country have the possibility of having their own publishing seal that socializes and manages the editorial processes, based on the scientific results of their professors, researchers and academics".
Even from the initial moments Conciencia Ediciones arose based on the concept that the research needs of those who dedicate themselves to research, not only of this university but of the rest of the higher education centers of the territory, should be taken care of, thus contributing in some way to channel the concerns that arise in the research area and the scientific results.
Conciencia Ediciones pays tribute to the training of undergraduate and graduate professionals because the 15 published texts, classified into seven collections, are available in the network of university libraries, in addition to being marketed at the Book Fair, where they have gained an important place.
The responsibility of this publisher after the first five years lies in the management of the ISBN of the main events that take place during the year in the university, which add up to more than 30, as explained Alvarez Romulo, who also said that they are organized from different areas of knowledge and careers, to which are added the university centers, municipal branches and study centers, which has allowed to gain specialization from accumulated experience.
With well-defined purposes, Consciencia Ediciones seeks that people who can pay to this editorial feel the need and commitment to bet on this seal.

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