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Holguín for the Protection of the Environment

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salto guayabo elderSalto del Guayabo. Main attraction of the La Mensura National Park, in Mayarí. Photo: Elder Leyva
Since June 5, 1974, World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide, since two years before the General Assembly of the United Nations established the date with the purpose of increasing environmental awareness and promoting concrete actions at a global level in the protection of the environment.
Cuba, like many other nations, joined those celebrations, but with the difference that in the Caribbean nation a comprehensive program was designed to protect the environment each day.

For this reason the northeastern province of Holguín marks this date with several results in the area, from the establishment of seven strategic directions, framed in 53 goals aimed at mitigating environmental problems and impacts on forest cover, degradation of soils; loss of biological diversity and deterioration of ecosystems; lack and difficulties with the management, availability and quality of water, pollution and impact of climate change.

playa caletonesCaletones Beach, municipality of Gibara: Photo: Radio Angulo
For example, as part of the Plan of the Economy, 21 investments with a positive impact on the environment were planned, of which six were concluded, offering solutions to environmental problems of contamination by liquid residuals in the bays and prioritized watersheds, including the residuals treatment system of the UEB Azucarera Cristino Naranjo (Cauto basin), the Moanickel Company SA "Pedro Soto Alba", as well as those of the Ernesto Guevara de la Serna and "Rolando Ricardo Estrada" hospitals and that of the Roberto Escudero polyclinic, of the municipality de Mayarí (Nipe Bay), and the organic residuals of the Mechanical Nickel Company (Bahia de Cayo Moa).

During the period, the province increased its forest cover to 0.83 percent with respect to the previous year, to reach a forest index of 38.65 percent and to remain among the leaders at national level (according to forest dynamics).

The province also contributed to the National Program to Combat Desertification and Drought with the benefit of some 3.05 thousand hectares in 2018, through soil conservation and improvement measures, and carried out actions in the 13 forests, water and soil polygons, under the sustainable land management approach.

Holguín also showed positive results in the plan to eliminate ozone layer depleting substances, deserving the National Free ODS Award granted to the Construction Company of Engineering Works No. 16 of the Micons, while 10 entities signed the declaration for the elimination of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC).

This eastern territory is now working in the implementation of the State Plan for the Confrontation to Climate Change "Life Task", for which 116 actions of greater impact were identified, including 56 adaptation measures and 60 for mitigation.

So far the main results are in the actions of repair and extension of the protective wall of the coastal town of Gibara (from Bayado beach to the Astillero -Ronda La Marina- and Rabí avenue), infrastructures in housing adapted to low-lying areas covered by Jaimanita, in the municipality of Gibara and the construction of the new Caletones road.

Norelis Peña, head of the Environmental Unit of Citma in Holguín, explained that the province updated the new strategic cycle 2016-2020 adjusted to institutional and economic changes and in accordance with the Economy Plan, to comply with the objectives and goals projected until 2020, based on the definition of the main environmental problems.

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