Bolivian Ambassador Highlights Cuba's Support for his Country

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embajador 01Photos: ACNThe ambassador of Bolivia in Cuba, Juan Ramón Quintana, highlighted in Holguin the extraordinary contribution of the Cuban Government in the training of Bolivian doctors, which allowed his country to break a historical record of 70 million medical consultations.
During a visit to the eastern Cuban province, as part of the program of celebrations for the eighth anniversary of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, the diplomat visited the University of Medical Sciences of Holguín where he shared with more than 80 doctors from the Andean nation that graduated in the Island and now have the possibility of taking a second specialty here.

Accompanied by officials of the Provincial Delegation of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Juan Ramón Quintana expressed the gratitude of Bolivians to the people of Cuba, Fidel, Raúl and the Revolution for contributing to the development of one of the most important social policies of the Andean country: the health program.

embajador 2Having doctors in a poor society means saving lives and our doctors, along with the Cubans, have been providing health care these last years in the most inhospitable places in the country, he said.

We have incorporated in our Ministry of Health more than three thousand doctors trained in Cuba, who today are in indigenous communities, both from the Amazon and the Andean area, in the intermediate cities, in the border areas and also across the entire country.

He stressed that Bolivia is a depository in this branch of solidarity internationalism, where scientific work is carried out at the service of the human being without taking into account economic calculation, unlike capitalist medicine.

embajador 3He also stressed the progress in all fronts that his country has had in the last 12 years under the presidency of Evo Morales, who has managed to make Bolivia an inclusive nation, where diversity is recognized.

The diplomat's agenda for Holguín included the visit to the Revolution Square Calixto García Íñiguez, where he paid tribute to the General of the Three Wars in the Mausoleum that keeps his remains.
At the Holguin headquarters of ICAP, Juan Ramón Quintana, presented the book BoliviaLeaks: The political interference of the United States against the process of change, which explains the dominance exercised by the North American empire in Latin America and its strategies to stop the changes driven by Evo Morales.

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