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Holguín: Science Sector for Greater Environmental Efficiency

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The Science sector in Holguín is working on a project to assess the environmental efficiency of Biodigesters in the process of removing liquid pollutants in view of the growing need to protect the nature of the indiscriminate action of man.
The research, carried out by the Center for Research and Environmental Services (CISAT) of the territory, is derived from the work developed in 2016 by the University of Holguín and the provincial headquarters of CUBASOLAR, which promotes use of renewable energy sources on the island.

According to the research, although biodigesters are considered one of the most efficient waste treatment systems, large quantities of waters originated from these systems were dumped without the quality parameters indicated in Cuba.

The project focuses on the plants related to the non-state swine activity, which has grown in recent years from social demands.

In an interview conducted by Radio Holguín with Janet Soberats, head of the research, she explained that in that case the excreta generation rate is almost five kilograms per animal per day, which requires the proper functioning of the waste treatment system.

"According to surveys and interviews conducted, there is a lack of knowledge by producers of the importance of biodigesters for the biological stability of the environment," she said.

"Their presence basically responds to the legal requirements for the development of this activity and not to environmental interests, because they are almost never proportional to the total number of animals per farm," she added.

"After settling the waste substances in the plants, the problem of contamination of the waters and surrounding land and the proliferation of insects and undesirable odors are solved, and biogas is produced, one of the sources of electric power generation of lowest cost in the world, hence the interest in getting its utility recognized, " Soberats said.

To reverse the situation, training activities have been carried out with workers from the swine company, including the dissemination of informative materials and the teaching of lectures and courses on the operation and importance of biodigesters.

The members of the project these days verify the effectiveness of the work developed from the selection of new water samples at the entrance and exit of the plants and their comparison with the initial removal percents.

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