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Holguin: New Regulations for More Controlled Use of Cell Phones

  • Published in Holguin
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IMEI etecsa 1Photo: Carlos RafaelStarting this Wednesday, May 18, all cell phones with duplicate IMEI number, a unique code that identifies every cell phone, must be replaced as issued by the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (Etecsa) at the beginning of the year.
Published in the Official Gazette, the Ministerial Resolution will allow protecting cell phone owners against theft, loss or falsification of their mobiles, which has generated widespread doubts among Holguin users.

Iliana Fernández ETECSA 3Iliana Fernández, specialist in institutional communication of Etecsa in Holguín. Photo: Carlos RafaelAccording to Iliana Fernández, specialist in institutional communication of Etecsa in Holguín, the new regulation is due to the increase of files associated with criminal acts for theft and loss of cell phones, the fraudulent change of the IMEI made by unscrupulous people to allow the illegal use of these mobile that are blacklisted (blocked), and the need to protect the population from the acquisition of such equipment.

"Resolution 12 of 2016, Regulation on the registration, control and use of terminal equipment operating in the cellular service of land mobile telecommunications, establishes that those who insert their identification card (SIM) in a mobile phone included in the blacklist, from the agreed date, their lines will be automatically disabled”, said the specialist.

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