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Work Agreement between Holguin University and Tourism

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Aimed at finding solution to the main problems in the development of tourism, the Delegation of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) and the University of Holguin (UHo) signed a work agreement, which includes 12 prioritized lines of the different entities of that sector of Cuban economy.
Tourism's demand for UHo's scientific and technological park includes more than 20 fundamental problems, which include the cleaning of beach bathing areas, the design and implementation of an environmental management system, a productive chain plan and the replacement of imports and software for work programming and logistics management.

It also includes the internal control consultancy, the cultural tourism project of the city of Holguin and Loma de la Cruz theme park, the study of variants of the Playa Morales hotel, in Banes and the one referring to the third beach line of the tourist destination, among other objectives.

Eddy Santos Gonzalez, delegate of the Mintur in the province, explained that this alliance with the UHo will make possible to find solutions to certain aspects that affect the best development of the sector, without having to make expensive imports for Cuba.

He recalled that among the basic pillars of government management in the Caribbean nation is "to integrate the universities in the search for solutions to the country's problems and to enhance the interaction between the ministries and the faculties; as well as enhance the linkage of tourism with other sectors of the economy.
Mintur is the second Holguin entity to sign this agreement, which includes the demands related to scientific and technical services.

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