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Holguin Increases Efforts to Eliminate Mosquito Population

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The high rate of infestation of Aedes aegypti in Holguin is higher than that registered in any other Cuban province; However, to strictly comply with the protocols established in the Anti-vector Campaign, it is possible to reduce the population of mosquitoes flying and thus cut the transmission in the city of Holguin and affected areas of the municipalities of Banes and Gibara, fundamentally.
According to Dr. Gilberto Zamora, head of the Department of Vector Control of the National Directorate of Surveillance and Vector Control of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), the main problem facing this territory is control, which fails from the monitoring planned to the protocols determined for each process and participants in the Campaign.

"It is leaving each day with the responsibility of doing well what each one has to do. There is no new formula, it is the established one: Fumigation, monitoring and other actions contemplated in each circumstance, with honesty and necessary rigor before an entoepidemiological situation like the one faced by the territory ".

He announced that in the coming days other antivectorial treatment alternatives will be introduced, costly by the way, but essential at this time to support action to eliminate the mosquito.

The specialist recalled the high price that this task generally causes the country and set the example that for the treatment with liquid each ton costs between 80 thousand to 90 thousand dollars and each equipment used in that task has the value of 950 euros, that is why the need of rational use of this means and resource and only destine it to exceptional cases.

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