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Youth Computer Club in the Mountains of Holguin

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Plan Turquino JC 1Next to mark its 15 years of founded, April 4, 2005, the Youth Computer and Electronics Club of Naranjo Agrio, Popular Council of the municipality of Sagua de Tánamo, is the only one located in a settlement of the Holguin Turquino Plan.
Plan Turquino JC 5The Youth Computer Club provides internet service in navigation rooms and the access to e-mail through domain platform .cu. It is also a place for education and entertainment for those who visit the facility as they can use the the equipment to develop projects, play and study.

Its staff, composed of five workers, promotes the commercialization of licenses for antivirus, computer assistance, as well as courses aimed at training of content related to information technology and electronics. They also collaborate with other institutions in carrying out community activities.

The well-received cultural product the Mochila (Backpack) is also at disposal of users, which has a wide demand and is offered not only in the facility but also, as with other services, to the homes of the interested parties, despite the difficult access to the areas.

About 2, 377 users benefited from its services in 2017, which allowed the institution to obtain an income superior to 16,000 Cuban pesos. The growth of both indicators is included within the work directions for this year.

The activities to mark the 15 anniversary the Young Computer Club Sagua III, include the renovation of the premises and improve technology, the main demand of users.

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