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Meteorological Center Supports Agricultural Programs in Holguin

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regadioPhoto: ACN
The climate regionalization of Holguin aimed to support the development of agriculture in the province, is included among the most recent results of the Meteorological Center in the eastern territory.
This system is based on the applications of the Russian scientist Vladímir Petróvich Köppen as of 1884, referred to the classification of the different types of existing climates by geographic zones.

The regionalization is based on the link between natural vegetation and the climate, since depending on the coverage of plants, the limits of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, rainfall and other meteorological variables are established.

The specialist Yosmani Lamorena, responsible for providing reliable and timely climate information, told the Cuban News Agency that the system helps many farmers in the province to reach more profitable crops and facilitate a greater supply of food products in the territory.

The scheme, made by the scientific group of that institution, will allow to determine the causes for which sometimes the benefits of some crops are not obtained, the certification of drought periods or heavy rains, as well as deeper climatological analyzes, explained Lamorena.

In 2018, the center focused on the development of projects that will contribute to the Cuban State plan known as Life Task, marine meteorology research and the rise of the scientific category of its personnel, as another way to achieve greater socialization of its results.

Within the projections of this entity for the current year is to continue prioritizing the progress of the productive activities of the province from the study of the climatic specificities of each Holguin locations.

Köppen, was a geographer, meteorologist, climatologist and Russian botanist of German origin born in 1846 and the climatic classification elaborated by him has an enormous value to understand the distribution of the terrestrial ecosystems and the capacity of primary production of each one of the territories of the planet Earth. / ACN

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