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Cuban First Vice President Begins Official Visit to Holguin

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valdes mesa visita
The first Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Salvador Valdés Mesa, visits Holguin as part of his agenda to assess the food production and the preparations for the referendum next Sunday.
Savings and efficiency are key. The main authorities of the province and representatives of the productive forces, attend the meeting. The planning of all approved plans has to reach the producers. It has been improved in fundamental structures of agriculture and other organisms, equipment, means and other resources.

The Ministry of Agriculture has to control everything that is produced, said the vice president. We have to to export more and reduce the import of food that can be produced in our lands. Agricultural production must guarantee the food supply to the population, the social consumption, and the growing demands of the international tourism industry.

Today the largest reserves are in hiring. We have to reach all producers, and hire all their production. To achieve these goals, people must be prepared, said Valdés Mesa.

Definitely “there’s no choice, but to bring it (the land) into production", as Raúl said, here in Holguín, on July 26, 2009. You have to respect the consumers, at the points of sale and provide quality to our people. Prices may fall when more is produced. This will help to improve the salary, today insufficient. Socialism is ordered equity.

The municipalities have to change their mentality, self-sufficiency is decisive.

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