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Holguín Presents its Experiences in Environmental Education

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The Holguín delegation attending the international event Pedagogy 2019 will present the plan of actions to mitigate the effects of climate change from the education sector in this eastern Cuban province.
The modification of the climate originated by the action of man and the strategies developed from the schools to counteract their consequences in the environment will be under debate during the event that takes place in Havana.
Inalvis Ramírez, Science and Technical Advisor of the Directorate of Education in Holguín, explained that the initiative consists of 34 actions aimed at training in the protection of the environment of teachers, students and their families, as well as the community
She pointed out that projects such as Green Map, an alternative conceived in 1934 by Wendy Brawer and introduced in Cuba at the end of the nineties of the last century in order to face environmental problems from education, stand out among the actions.
Ramírez said that the work had as initial scenario the educational centers of Moa, but it will gradually be extended to the educational institutions of the other Holguín municipalities prioritized by the Life Task, the Cuban State's plan to face climate change based on a multidisciplinary scientific basis.
Holguín, represented in Pedagogy 2019 by more than 40 professionals of the different educational levels, will also share their experiences in the implementation of the third improvement of the new teaching by the introduction of new forms of work with the family. / Aldia.cu

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