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Holguín: University Students Support Constitutional Referéndum Process

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University students from the province of Holguín play an important role in the referendum called for next February 24, when the Cuban people will decide their future by voting for the new Constitution of the Republic.
Students and teachers from all higher education centers in the territory already occupy different responsibilities.
After the training, they will participate together with the people of Holguín in this process, to make it more reliable, safe and
agile. Mostly, young people who demonstrate the role of their generation in any change or transformation that drives the Cuban Revolution.

"I assume this task as an observer in the polling stations with great responsibility, because of the importance of this Constitution for Cuba, which brings changes in politics, economy and society," said the young man Alexis Perdomo.

"We are going to vote Yes to show the world that we are a free country, with great possibilities, and that the decision to change it is only for Cubans," said Caridad Garrido, a junior in preschool education.

"I believe is the duty of citizens, teachers and students who are willing to participate in this process. It is a sign of the respect we feel for our Revolution, in the defense of our society, of our country and to maintain the principles of the commander in Chief Fidel Castro. It is an important moment for our society, where we will all have the right to give the Yes for this Constitution that is more just, equitable, where we all are represented, "said Professor Ana Melba Ramírez Pérez.

"They have organized themselves to be in all the important spaces and moments in this transcendental process where they will give a Yes for Cuba," said Iosvani Hernández, vice chancellor of the University of Holguín and coordinator of the Ministry of Higher Education for the process in this eastern province.

"We have 43 law students as supervisors of the process, who will be linked to the Provincial Electoral Commission and the municipal elections throughout the territory, we also have 89 coordinators who will be reconciling work in the 154 popular councils in Holguín, and we have a significant number of one thousand 201 collaborators that will be located from the dynamic test and 24 in all the polling stations of the province. " / Radio Angulo

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