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University of Holguín Achieves Higher Post-Graduate Results

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The post-graduate activity at the University of Holguín achieved higher results in 2018, after the increase in the training of Doctors of Science, Masters, Specialists and professional improvement.
According to Dr.C. Jorge Luis Torres Díaz, post-graduate director of the institution, this contributes to a higher performance of the professionals.
"In 2018 we trained 19 doctors in science, whose researches extend to different spheres of knowledge and contribute to the improvement of the different entities in general," he explained.
"To date, the University of Holguín has 465 doctors, of which 260 have been trained in the institution itself," Torres Díaz added.
He stressed that most of them corresponds to the area of Education, a benefit for the educational institutions of the territory that contributes to resolve problems that affect the sector.
Torres Diaz also reported the approval of three doctoral programs by the national scientific degree commission, which places Uho among the advanced in this area.
He referred that of Pedagogy, certified by the National Accreditation Board, which has trained the largest number of foreigners, mainly from Africa (Republic of Angola) and Ecuador.
He also mentioned the Physical Culture and Sports that meets the needs of all eastern provinces and highlighted the one related to organizational management that encompasses various branches of knowledge, not only of the companies in the territory, but also of educational institutions and other ways of conduct general processes.
The University of Holguín has three postgraduate specialties evaluated for excellence and 19 master's degrees that cover various branches of science and contribute to the development of the province, with a high impact on the socioeconomic life of the northeastern territory.
The University also works on the improvement and training of top officials from the province to assume the new challenges and changes of Cuban society, as well as in the preparation of the non-state sector and human resources in key sectors such as agriculture, iron and steel industry, turism and sugar.
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Author: Yanela Ruiz González
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