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Holguín Starts 2018-19 Sugar Harvest

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Zafra HolguinPhoto: Juan Pablo Carreras / ACN
Holguín started the 2018-19 sugar harvest at the Cristino Naranjo sugar mill, in the municipality of Cacocum, the largest contributor to the production of sugar in the eastern territory in recent times.
Julio Paz Almirar, executive at the Holguín Sugar Company, told the local press that Cristino Naranjo went into operation several hours before the initial program and that the next Holguín mill to enter into operation is the Urbano Noris, in the municipality of San Germán.

These two industries are the ones with the highest volume in the delivery of sugar among the five of the territory, which include Loynaz Hechavarría, in the municipality of Cueto, and López-Peña and Fernando de Dios, both in Báguano.

The Cristino Naranjo has guaranteed the technology and means of transportation for the delivery of the raw material to the industry during the harvest period, stressed the ACN José Alberto Osorio, head of the sugar harvest in that entity.

This sugar mill underwent an extensive program of repairs and maintenance of all areas as well as the means and equipment of cutting and shooting, based on the commitment to harvest all the sugar cane and maintain high and stable milling that contributes to achieve the levels of efficiencies required in the harvest.

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