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Holguin Advancing in Recovery of Homes and State Centers

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viviendas 1About 6,000 homes and 548 state facilities were recovered in the province of Holguín, as part of the recovery efforts of the damages caused by Hurricane Irma that hit Cuba last September.
With the support of the different Municipal Defense Councils of the eastern territory, recovery works have allowed restoring more than half of the housing stock damaged by the meteor and about 97 percent of state centers.
Of great importance is the growth in the local production of construction materials such as blocks, whose manufacture increased by more than 27% with respect to the previous year, in accordance with data provided by the construction branch of the Provincial Administration Council.
The efficient work of the People´s Power Construction Company allows the manufacturing of the necessary elements to build each day a basic residential unit of 25 square meters and the manufacture of joists, tanks and mosaics.
The construction of homes in state premises that remained unused and others with alternative resources such as wood and masonry have helped to speed up the attention to the victims of the hurricane in the province, mainly in the municipalities of Antilla, Calixto García and Holguín.
At the end of this year it is expected to conclude 160 more homes for those families affected by "Irma", which damaged 11,000 homes and 568 state centers in Holguin. / ACN

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