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University of Holguin Bets on Better School Year

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To strengthen the University of Holguin (Uho) as an institution in search of excellence is the main objective of this Center of High Studies in the current school year, whose official opening took place at Plaza de la Revolucion Calixto Garcia, in the city of Holguin.
Reynaldo Velazquez Zaldivar, rector of the institution, said that to achieve this goal requires unity, commitment, communication, professionalism, creativity and demand, essential to achieve more successful training of competent professionals.
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Velazquez stressed that the Uho is preparing to face one of the most challenging school years in its history, as the institution will celebrate, next November, 50 years of uninterrupted and successful teaching, research and extension work.

He referred the participation of the university community in the consultation of the Draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, in which a group of professors and students are conducting the process.

Among the work priorities of the Uho, he noted the treatment to the transformations of Higher Education started some years ago, of which special attention will be given to the follow-up to the integration process, the strengthening of the ideological political work and the improvement of the quality of university processes.

The beginning of short-cycle higher education, the improvement of English language teaching, the implementation of the E-curricula, the process of admission to higher education and the attention to encounter courses are also part of the extension work carried out in the university.

In this regard, he referred the participation in tasks of socioeconomic impact, such as the Contingent Oscar Lucero Moya, made up of students who work as teachers in secondary and pre university schools; the participation in the national verification to the internal control and in the sanitary campaign due to the epidemiological emergency in the province.

In this school year, the University of Holguin receives more than 1300 new students in the Day Course, with an increased enrollment of more than 13,000 students in the different undergraduate modalities distributed in the 47 university courses organized in the 8 Faculties and 13 CUM.

"Many will be the tasks that will demand the university participation from the science and the technological innovation to contribute to the solution of problems of the Cuban economy and society, with special emphasis in the local development", said Reynaldo.
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Author: Yanela Ruiz González
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