Holguin Predicts Successful Honey Harvest

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The province of Holguin expects to close 2018 with an increased production of honey, with more than 470 tons planned of this exportable line.
The beekeepers of the eastern Cuban territory expected to collect some 107 t by that date; However, they already produced 332 tons, which shows the expertise reached in honey production in the territory, where some 12 thousand 700 beehives are in operation, 800 more than in a similar stage to 2017.
Other derivatives of honey are wax and propolis, with an overproduction of 309 percent and 140, respectively, according to information from the provincial delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG).
In recent visit to the province, Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero, Minister of Agriculture, called to start the production of pollen and royal jelly, highly coveted in the international market for its high nutritional values used in the naturopathic pharmaceutical industry as well as in cosmetics.
Rodríguez Rollero expressed the need to promote the wax not only in its pure state, but also processed in ornamental and utilitarian items, which gives added value and increases its selling price.
In the European market, main recipient of this product, its value exceeds 3 thousand euros, hence the importance of implementing techniques for its production, which will contribute the 500 tonnes set for export in this year.

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