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Project Contributes to Sustainable Agriculture in Holguin

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Soil demonstration zones stand out among the strategies implemented in the province of Holguin, aimed at contributing to the reduction of soil degradation, one of the main environmental problems of the eastern Cuban territory.
These spaces are defined as areas where sustainable agricultural production practices are planned, which also contributes to face the effects of climate change.
Rolber Reyes, specialist of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, said that the experience is part of the National Program to Combat Desertification and Drought. There are 11 of these soil demonstration zones, located in agricultural areas of Holguin.
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He explained that the agricultural project includes the application of natural products to crops and the planting of varieties resistant to intense drought or abrupt temperature variations.
As part of the actions to counteract the soils degradation since June 2017 more than three thousand hectares have benefited from conservation measures, including reforestation, he said.
The province develops other projects aimed at obtaining biogas to recover part of the waste generated in fertigation and as natural fertilizers, which substitutes the use of fertilizers, harmful to the environment and highly expensive due to the effects of the blockade.

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