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Holguin Project Helps to Reduce Vulnerabilities in Rural Areas

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A project to reduce the vulnerability of rural areas to the effects of climate change, promoted by specialists from the Center for Research and Environmental Services (CISAT), shows its first results in the province of Holguin.
The project aims at reducing the negative effects of the increase in temperature and the intense drought, among other phenomena, in the community of Resbaladero in the municipality of Rafael Freyre, about 20 kilometers from the provincial capital of eastern Cuba.
Jacobo Urbino, specialist of the CISAT, highlighted among the main achievements the characterization of the autochthonous vegetation of that geographic zone, essential to promote programs of reforestation with native species of the area.
He said that the study also showed the existence of some 63 endemic species of the region, of which 36 correspond to fruit and timber trees, such as cedar and majagua.
The project, which will conclude in 2019, also evaluates the economic and social characteristics of the population settlement, dedicated to agricultural production, the specialist explained.
The distinctive features include references to dances enlivened with organ music and the contributions of the Hernández, Marrero, Domínguez and Rivas families, founders of the current community of Resbaladero, which belonged to the old Hato de Almirante during the 18th century, explained Julia Cedeño, specialist linked to the project.
The research is part of the Tarea Vida plan of the Cuban state aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change, which prioritizes more than 70 communities throughout the Caribbean island.
The CISAT was founded on October 21, 1999 and has among its objectives to promote research projects dedicated to the protection of archaeological heritage, natural resources and advice on radiological protection and techniques of nuclear applications, in addition to the provision of scientific and technical services.

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